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Stella Luce


Baresi & Caine provide the greatest customer service to our clients. A watch service will redeem its original lustre and mechanical operation. 

All Baresi & Caine watches are inspected, repaired and restored by our master watchmakers, and their craftsmanship is nothing short of spectacular.



All of the parts are carefully inspected for signs of wear and replaced when necessary.

The movement complete with dial and hands are carefully removed from the case and examined in detail.

A mechanical movement will undergo a clean and lubrication procedure before re-assembly.

The exterior of the watch is thoroughly inspected for any damage prior to beginning the restoration process.

Each timepiece is disassembled entirely. All case gaskets are replaced to ensure waterproofness.

Service 2

The timepiece will be returned to the customer in as new condition once the service has been completed.

Baresi & Caine follow stringent  procedures for all parts to ensure each piece is perfectly finished.

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