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the story of

baresi & Caine

Our story begins in early 2016 with our Company Founder’s first visit to Rome, Italy. Overwhelmed with the vast architecture and beautiful materials, specifically the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi at Piazza Navona, and with a lifelong love for watches, he had the vision that he would design and create a timepiece for himself made from marble, capturing the beauty and luxury of the material in a small wearable piece.


Several months later he began development of the first of the Baresi & Caine Collection timepiece which moved from initial concept to final design and manufacture in twelve months.

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COncept & Design

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Four years later in Spring 2020, with numerous concept’s and designs completed and with designs in development, with a hunger to expand the business and to make his brand known, Baresi & Caine approached and agreed to a partnership with a designer with over 20 year’s experience in conceptual and detail design. This partnership was the beginning of the Stella Luce and Sportivo Lusso, our 2021 Collection.

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Detail Design

Marble From Tuscany

Baresi & Caine timepieces feature exquisite designs designed and manufactured using a high grade selection of marbles from around the world. Each individual marble dial is completely unique, no Baresi & Caine watch will ever look the same.

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Nero Portoro


Blue Sodalite

Quarried in Italy, Nero Portoro marble is naturally opulent which transpires to give diversity to the Sportivo Lusso. This beauty is evident within the deep lacunas of jet black and mesmerising golden veins. A most perfect combination of elegance for the Sportivo Lusso.

Baresi & Caine utilise Carrara marble specifically sourced from The Apuan Alps in the central region of Tuscany, a mountain range in central Italy. A world-famous highly sought after ice white marble with grey blue veins, stating undeniable beauty.

Precious, rare, stupefying. The vibrant beauty of Blue Sodalite makes every Baresi & Caine timepiece distinctive, Thanks to the shallow chromatic mixes, sophisticated and intense, and the material’s resilience, this fine natural stone earned its place in our luxury timepiece.

Sportivo Lusso Dial

Baresi & Caine Dials feature applied index and numerals to add depth and complexity to the visual aesthetics.

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Featuring a worlds first in watchmaking, Baresi & Caine have developed and uniquely engineered our diamonds into each one of the twelve Bezel and Caseback screws, set ingeniously inside the dodecagon head along with the accompanying 1ct diamond Crown.

These diamonds feature the Star Light glow in our flagship Stella Luce models.

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La Chaux-De-Fonds

Baresi & Caine strived to be the best as a watch brand and collaborated with working partners in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland. This is now the main manufacturing office for Baresi & Caine.

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